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Color research was awarded in St. Petersburg

Member of the University of Joensuu color group, Pekka Stigell, was awarded by the best young scientist award in Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis (PRIA) conference in St. Petersburg. There were totally 280 presentations in the conference, in which Stigell presented the paper related to the accurate color imaging using a digital camera. The method developed in the paper can computationally reconstruct the most accurate color representation, i.e. the spectral color representation, from RGB-digital camera photos. The objects in the experimental part of the paper were icons and the method can be applied, for example, to the accurate color imaging of culturical historical objects. Stigell is a trainee in InFotonics Center. Other coauthors were Dr. Kimiyoshi Miyata from the National Museum of Japanese History and Director Markku Hauta-Kasari from InFotonics Center

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