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The InFotonics Center Joensuu in Finland is a research and business service center for modern optics which combines photonics and information technology know-how. The core expertise of the InFotonics Center concentrates on wave-optical engineering and spectral color research, in which the center has become a leader in research on a global scale. The InFotonics Center provides an interface between industry and the University of Joensuu in commercialization of high technology optical research. The InFotonics Center is establishing an intensive co-operation network with the most recognized laboratories and institutes in the field.

  • Wave-optical engineering
    • Application of diffractive optics
    • Manufacturing technologies for diffractive components
    • Modern optical measuring technology
    • Optical sensors

  • Spectral color research
    • Accurate color measurement
    • Spectral data and image analysis
    • Spectral image compression
    • Novel methods for spectral imaging and processing

  • Services for high technology companies
    • Research projects with industry
    • Measurement services
    • Feasibility study
    • Concept development

>> 3.7.2009 "Väritutkimusta metsäklusterille" (in Finnish) article in Univers magazine. Please find the article from page 8 in the magazine. [More information]

>> 29.4.2009 InFotonics Center Joensuu starts co-operation with Forestcluster Ltd. [More information]

>> 24.3.2009 InFotonics Spectral Color Workshop ISCW 2009 torstaina 16.4.2009. Ilmoittautuminen tilaisuuteen 31.3.2009 mennessä osoitteeseen info(ät)ifc.joensuu.fi [Lisätietoa]

>> 2.3.2009 Spectral color research in medical application [More information]

>> 3.2.2009 InFotonics Center Joensuu got funding 871 500 euros from the State provincial office of Eastern Finland [More information]

>> 12.6.2008 European color conference in Joensuu in 2010 [More information]

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